Purchase Order Form

Please print out and fill in this purchase order form  if you are a company or institution and wish to order a Polymorf set.  Or you can mail your own order form.

             Mail to:   Polymorf;  1308 Stockton Hill Rd., Suite A227; Kingman, AZ 86401

Credit/debit card orders can only be processed through the web site by ordering through the catalog page.   Sorry no C.O.D. or non US or Canadian company or institutional purchase orders can be accepted. Upon receipt of your order we will email you total cost and shipping information and send you an invoice by regular mail. US or Canadian check or money orders can also be mailed in by filling out this form

If you have special comments concerning your order, such as shipping preferences,  please note here:

Your purchase order number: __________________________________________________________________
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Institution: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Address:  street ____________________________________________________________________________________
                    city/state/zip __________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _______________________________________              
Fax: ________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________
Shipping address:  street ________________________________________________________________________
                                     city/state/zip ________________________________________________________________
Sets ordered:  name/quantity ____________________________________________________________________
                            name/quantity ____________________________________________________________________
                            name/ quantity ___________________________________________________________________


1120 Radical set -  $22
1130 Universal set - $55
1140 Animator set - $80
1150 Geometer set - $82
1160 Engineer set - $155
2150 Airplane accessory set $ 6 + $5.75 shipping *
* no charge for shipping if ordered with any set

Your information is strictly confidential.  We do not sell or otherwise provide this information to any other parties. Thank you for your order.

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