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It's a model building kit, 3D puzzle, math manipulative, and building set all in one.



Feed your brain

with Polymorf


Symmetry of polyhedra

Build it

Structural engineering


Test it


Know it



Mechanical engineering


Structure of crystals

STEM technological illiteracy !



Slithering snake tour


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     The unique geometry of the Polymorf building panels makes it an ideal educational manipulative to



demonstrate the symmetry and transforming of polyhedra, the stability and behavior of structures, the


mechanics of simple machines, and the atomic structure of elements and minerals.



     The patented design of the Polymorf construction set system let's you build an infinite variety of



life-like models or fantasy figures from just seven different geometric shaped plastic panels.  Like



conventional construction sets Polymorf can build load bearing and space frame structures that have



interior spaces and bracing for support.  And like scale model building kits you can contour the shape



of the model to resemble the real thing.  The infinite number of panel combinations that are possible



also make Polymorf a challenging 3D puzzle.


"Not just kid's play."TM


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